About Us

Who We Are

RAB-Microfluidics was founded in 2016 by Dr Rotimi Alabi, with the goal of revolutionizing oil testing and analysis services through the use of microfluidic technology. Drawing on a decade of research at the University of Aberdeen and a world class product development team, the company is pioneering automation and digitisation of the testing and analysis process, using its cutting-edge technologies to meet the needs of customers in several key industries such as maritime, energy, manufacturing and more. RAB-Microfluidics is dedicated to making conventional laboratory procedures mobile, rapid, and routine, driven by a belief that oil analysis should be dynamic and adaptable like everything else around us.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to enable predictive maintenance strategies through automation and data driven solutions.

To this end, we are on a mission to improve reliability and availability of every valuable machinery in the world, one engine at a time.

Core Values

Customer-centric focus, with a purpose-driven approach and commitment to continuous improvement – Put the needs of our customers first and strive for excellence in everything we do whilst always looking for ways to improve and better serve customer needs.

Intellectual curiosity – desire to learn and explore new ideas and willingness to ask questions and seek out new knowledge.

Challenge status quo to drive innovation – embrace change and continuously seek better ways of doing things.

Integrity and respect – treat everyone with dignity, honesty, and fairness.

Commitment despite difference in opinion – encourage robust dialogue and once a decision is made, support and execute on it with full commitment.

Leadership Team

Dr Rotimi Alabi - BSc, MSc, Ph.D

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Rotimi Alabi is the founder and CEO of RAB Microfluidics, leading the charge in solving the machine reliability and availability challenges faced by businesses across many industries. Dr Alabi completed his PhD at the University of Aberdeen where he researched on microfluidic lab-on-a-chip technology. He is pioneering the use of this technology to revolutionise oil condition monitoring through automation and digitization, providing real-time lubricating oil analysis for early engine failure detection. His leadership has earned RAB Microfluidics awards, grants, and investments as they work towards developing smarter sensor technologies for condition-based and predictive maintenance. Join Dr. Alabi on his mission to provide intelligent insights for a better future. Dr Alabi is responsible for driving the culture at RAB Microfluidics, leading the team to provide innovative solutions for the biggest equipment reliability and availability challenges in the industry.

Michael O Sullivan - BE, SM, LLB, CEng, FIMechE

Head of Technology

Michael is Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, with over 30 years’ experience in the offshore energy sector, with a proven track record of technology development, engineering design, operational leadership, and executive management.  Michael started his career as a field engineer with GE and has worked with MCS, Wood Group, Aker Solutions and PDi in a variety of technical and managerial positions in the US, Ireland, Norway and the UK.  In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from MIT and a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Galway. At RAB Microfluidics, Michael is leading the charge in developing cutting-edge technology and revolutionary products to tackle the challenges faced by the industry in equipment reliability. With his innovative mindset, Michael is pushing the boundaries of what is possible and creating solutions that will shape the future of the industry.

Peter Grant - MA, FCA

Chief Finance Officer

Peter is an experienced Finance Professional, who has worked at an Executive level across a number of sectors including Healthcare, Construction, Technology, and Manufacturing.  Predominantly working with SME’s in transition, he has provided leadership in the development of Financial Systems and Corporate Governance arrangements. Peter Grant, is the financial mastermind behind ensuring a robust financial structure for RAB Microfluidics. With his expert knowledge and analytical skills, he guides the organization to make sound financial decisions that ensure long-term stability and growth. His strategic approach to financial management and his ability to identify opportunities for cost savings and revenue enhancement make him an invaluable asset to RAB Microfluidics. Peter’s relentless focus on creating a solid financial foundation and his dedication to maximizing returns, make him a leader in his field.

Greg Beitz

Operations Manager

Greg has 25 years of operational and manufacturing experience across the Biotech, protective coatings, and quality assurance testing sectors. Greg, is a delivery expert who is responsible for ensuring that manufacturing, supply chain management, quality systems, and client satisfaction are met with the highest standards of excellence. His ability to navigate complex processes, anticipate potential roadblocks and proactively implement solutions, makes him the go-to leader in client delivery . Greg’s relentless focus on delivering results and his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction make him a valuable asset to the RAB-Microfluidics team.

David Hill

Head of Sales

David Hill brings to the RAB-Microfluidics team a wealth of experience supplying lubricants, fuels, fuel additive chemistry, associated technical services and advice to the marine industry, mining and oil & gas. David graduated as a Mechanical Engineer in Brisbane, Australia, starting his sales and customer service career at Shell there, before relocating to the UK. Over more than 25 years involved with supplying all sectors of the marine industry in Europe with Shell, Gulf and Innospec, David has developed from an account manager to become a business development manager, sales director and sales team leader. Now as head of sales for RAB Microfluidics, David hopes to continue this lifelong commitment to helping his customers succeed in their own endeavors. A passion for helping customers drives David’s philosophy that, in order for businesses to get the most from any product or service, the fundamentals of what underpins customer value must first be deeply understood. David strongly believes that only by directly quantifying, communicating and delivering the benefits to the customer can any supplier hope to establish a long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnership. 


Dr Robert Wilson - BSc, MSc, PhD

Technical Authority

Robert Wilson, is a highly accomplished scientist with a BSc in Maths Physics & Acoustics from the University of Aberdeen, an MSc and a PhD in Advanced Materials from Cranfield University, 18 years of Post Doc experience at St Andrews and Glasgow Universities. His extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of advanced materials and acoustics makes him a valuable asset to the RAB Microfluidics team.

EJ Bulman - BA Bus Admin, Foun CIPD

Office Manager

EJ Bulman, is a highly experienced professional with a diverse background in business and the travel and public transport industry. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Studies from Robert Gordon’s University. EJ brings over 15 years of office experience to RAB Microfluidics, where she uses her skills and knowledge to support the team and drive results. Her ability to adapt and excel in different roles and industries make her an asset to the team.

Alistair Kevan - MEng

Electronics Engineer

Alistair, is a recent graduate electronic engineer with a passion for automation. He has a strong background in electronic systems design, and he is eager to apply his knowledge and skills to real-world challenges. At RAB-microfluidics, Alistair is able to work on automation projects and contribute to the company’s mission. His enthusiasm and willingness to learn make him a valuable addition to the team, and his expertise in electronic engineering brings new perspectives and ideas.

Feyisayo Popoola - BSc, MSc

Embedded Software Engineer

Feyisayo, is an embedded software and firmware engineer at RAB-Microfluidics. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering and a Masters in Advanced Electronic Systems Engineering. He is highly skilled in software development and has a strong background in electronic systems engineering. Feyisayo’s expertise and experience make him a valuable asset to the RAB-Microfluidics team, where he uses his knowledge and skill to help create innovative products that ensure we can deliver automation and digitization solutions. His ability to apply his skills to real-world challenges makes him an ideal fit for RAB Microfluidics mission.

Amanda Hogg - MSci

Analytical Chemist

Amanda is an analytical chemist at RAB-Microfluidics working on the development of new measurement capabilities to be incorporated into our semi-autonomous and fully autonomous products. Amanda is a masters graduate in Chemical Physics from the University of Glasgow where she researched the mapping of metal organic frameworks in chemical space. Amanda’s background in a variety of synthesis techniques has given her valuable problem-solving skills and a passion for new product development. Her ability to learn quickly on the job and her unique experience in the overlap of chemistry and physics will make her a worthy addition to the team.

Greg Shepherd

Mechanical Design & Test Engineer

Greg Shepherd is an experienced Mechanical Design and Test Engineer with an outstanding engineering expertise. With a passion for cutting-edge solutions, Greg excels in crafting innovative designs, overseeing intricate mechanical builds, and implementing electrical installations for control systems. His unwavering dedication to precision and meticulous attention to detail ensure the delivery of reliable mechanical and electrical systems. With a strong background in the energy and engineering industry, Greg brings designs to life through hands-on execution. His technical proficiency, practical experience, and unwavering commitment to continuous learning make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Rachel Millar - BSc, MRSC

Senior Analytical Chemist

Rachel is an analytical chemist with a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of chemistry. As a former participant in the COSIA X-Prise competition, she has deep knowledge in carbon capture technology, specifically investigating calcium carbonate polymorph formation. Her skills have been honed further through her exposure to metallurgical work in a UKAS accredited laboratory. Rachel’s analytical skills and experience in advanced technology ensures she is able to drive results and deliver success.

Dr Aiden Durrant - BSc, MPhil, PhD

Artificial Intelligence Engineer

Aiden, a highly accomplished data scientist and machine learning expert with 6 years of experience in developing innovative solutions. He is a respected thought leader in the field, with a track record of presenting theoretical contributions at top AI conferences and journals. He has a wealth of expertise in applying AI to safety-critical systems, such as those used in nuclear fusion reactors, and is well-versed in the challenges and opportunities that come with the field. His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to the RAB Microfluidics team, driving cutting-edge predictive analytics product solutions and delivering impactful results.

Alexander Lee Young - BEng

Product Engineer

Alex is a product engineer and mechanical engineer by trade, who is passionate about developing cutting-edge technologies. He has experience in prototyping and finalizing mechanical hardware, and is highly skilled in bringing new products to market. Alex’s background in mechanical engineering, coupled with his passion for innovation, makes him a valuable asset to our team. His ability to turn complex ideas into tangible, high-quality products is unmatched, and his drive to push the boundaries of what is possible makes him an ideal fit for companies looking to create and launch cutting-edge technologies.

Gavin Paterson - BEng, MEng

Engineering Manager

Gavin is an experienced electronic/embedded systems engineer and engineering manager at RAB Microfluidics. With 15+ years of experience in the field, Gavin brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the team. He is a seasoned professional with a combination of product development, project engineering, software skills and project management skills gained through a diversity of roles. As engineering manager, he leads the engineering team at RAB Microfluidics. In RAB Microfluidics, Gavin use’s his expertise to help productise our underlying technologies, developing products suitable for real-time analysis of lubricating oils and condition-based monitoring for preventative maintenance. He has ownership of existing electronic hardware designs, firmware and software, with the intention of maintaining existing designs and developing new hardware and software to support a growing range of microfluidics-based analysis equipment.