Enabling real-time oil monitoring

We diagnose early signs of failure in lubricated machinery and prevent equipment failure using our patented microfluidic technology and AI technology.

What We Do

Equipment reliability is our business. We provide real-time oil analysis, delivering critical laboratory quality data and actionable insights for asset condition management, at a fraction of current costs, anywhere in the world, using lab-on-a-chip technology.

Cost effectively perform real-time and detailed chemical measurements which until now could only be performed in commercial laboratories.

Laboratory quality lube oil data to enable the trending of oil condition, and to support informed decision making.

Our technology is the missing link in the suite of automated condition monitoring technologies of vibration analysis, acoustics, and thermography - we complete the jigsaw puzzle.

Our Solution

Asset reliability is essential to minimize equipment failure and operational costs, but current lube oil analysis is limited by quality of data and infrequent data collection. These limit potential to compliment other Condition Monitoring (CM) technologies. RAB Microfluidics automates lubricating oil analysis for real-time monitoring of equipment condition, enabling early identification of deterioration and actionable insights for decision-making while complimenting other CM technologies. We aid transition to Condition based maintenance (CbM) strategies and predictive maintenance (PdM) strategies.

Why Choose Us
Prevent 95% of lubrication related engine failure
Reduce equipment downtime by 25%
Reduce equipment operating and maintenance cost by 15%
Increase equipment reliability and availability by 25%
Optimise lubricating oil management